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Making tissue therapeutics possible

Nexocyte™ tissue
therapeutics platform

Fluicell is transforming how we treat disease with one-of-a-kind tissue solutions for regenerative medicine and drug screening.

With the groundbreaking Nexocyte™ platform, based on twenty years of disruptive and patent-protected R&D, we are creating new ways to target serious diseases using precision-engineered biological tissues. Our transplantable tissues have the potential to help patients living with uncurable tissue damage related to cardiac, pulmonary, metabolic, kidney and other diseases. Fluicell’s first ambitious goal is to develop transplantable tissues to cure type 1 diabetes, impacting the lives of millions of patients. Nexocyte-generated tissues also enable our world-leading partners to advance their drug-screening capabilities for the development of game-changing medicines.

July 3, 2024

Engineering a solution to type 1 diabetes

June 24, 2024

Cells use protein localization to control energy metabolism

Reseacher placing a multiwell plate in a QPCR scientific instrument

May 17, 2024

Fluicell initiates collaboration with Cellectricon to validate tissue-based models

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what our customers say

Fluicell’s technology is the first of its kind to enable single-cell resolution bioprinting with precision, speed and reproducible accuracy, even in 3D, in a way that was not possible before.

Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, Director Knight Cancer Precision Biofabrication Hub

The BioPen System is one of the best single-cell treatment systems on the market. It is easy-to-use, and gives me beautiful, publication-ready movies.

Dr. Dani Cai, National Institute of Health

The BioPen system provides us with unique data; with it, you are able to see how cell processes are trapped.

Prof. Megan Rizzo, University of Maryland Medical Center

The BioPen product is well designed and works even better than we could have hoped. The team is very reliable with customer support. I would highly recommend purchasing this product.

Dr. Veronica Jove, Rockefeller University

The Dynaflow Resolve system is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange.

Dr. Timm Danker, NMI TT