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Our goal at Fluicell is to transform medicine, using our universal tissue production platform to create innovative solutions for regenerative medicine and drug discovery. Our Nexocyte platform makes it possible to construct tissue therapeutics and human screening products to defeat serious disease.

To realize the full potential of our platform, we seek to partner with innovation-driven pharmaceutical companies to bring our current therapeutic products to patients and to extend our development to new therapeutic areas.

We strive to create long-term collaborations based on joint innovation and mutual benefit. Contact us to learn more about our partnering opportunities.

What we offer

  • Tissue platform for therapeutic and disease model development, based on unique bioprinting technology with single-cell precision.
  • Highly skilled research team with extensive expertise in tissue engineering and therapeutic development.
  • Advanced product pipeline, including type 1 diabetes tissue therapeutics and cardiac screening model.

Bioprinted liver model

The liver plays a central role during drug development because of its function in drug metabolization. We have used Biopixlar to create a bioprinted composite in vitro model that improves the hepatocyte function compared to conventional cell culture. The 3D liver model is quick to assemble and easy to scale up to allow parallel bioassays. The composite liver model features detailed arrangements of hepatocytes and fibroblasts that help to promote hepatocyte functionality. The detailed patterning is made possible by Biopixlar’s high-precision cell deposition capabilities. Read our application note on bioprinted liver models:

Liver model

Brioprinted breast cancer models

Faithfully replicating the tumor microenvironment is crucial for better understanding of cancer development. We have used our Biopixlar platform to position cells directly onto human-derived breast cancer tumors, without the use of any additional biomaterials. This creates a powerful cancer research model that closely mimics the structural and biological complexity of actual tumors. This novel approach to producing tumor models unlocks the possibility for complex studies on cell and tumor microenvironment, cell and immune cell interactions, cancer cell invasion, and drug toxicity. Read our application note, “Human de-cellularized tumors as bioprinting scaffolds”:

Lipid stain

Islet organoid bioprinting

At Fluicell, we use the power of Biopixlar to develop artificial pancreatic islets that consist of a combination of alpha, beta and support cells, facilitating full euglycemic control. In the production of islets, we rely on Biopixlar’s capacity for precise cell placement to produce islets with a size and composition that resemble the native Islets of Langerhans. Read more about Fluicell’s ongoing development of tissue-based type 1 diabetes therapeutics in our white paper:

Islet organoid bioprinting

Tissue therapeutics

Spheroids are a powerful tool for in vitro tissue and disease modeling, with multiple applications across cancer and stem cell research and drug development. With Biopixlar, you can create spheroids to fit your research needs. Biopixlar’s microfluidic high-precision cell deposition technology lets you control both the size and the cellular composition of the spheroids. Since you perform cell printing directly in culture media without any bioink, cell survivability inside the spheroids is high. Read our application note on Biopixlar spheroid bioprinting:

Spheroid bioprinting

Cell arrays

Biopixlar’s direct cell deposition technology can be used to create cell arrays, enabling you to set up assays and study biological processes in great detail. The precise cell placement controls make it possible to create arrays ranging from groups of cells to individual cells. Read about the research at the Knight Cancer Precision Biofabrication Hub, which uses Biopixlar to study cancer development on a single-cell level:

Bioprinting platform

Microenvironment design

Controlling the cell microenvironment is crucial for ensuring proper tissue function. With Fluicell’s Biopixlar technology cells can be arranged with microscopic precision directly in solution, making it possible to go directly from tissue design to precise assembly. The high-resolution bioprinting capacity makes it possible to place cells right next to each other with high level of microenvironment control, ensuring efficient cell to cell communication. Read our application note on cell microenvironment design:

Bioprinted logo

Nexocyte tissues



What we seek

We want to partner with pharmaceutical companies looking to advance the development of regenerative medicine solutions targeting diseases with a large unmet medical need. Our goal is to establish collaborations that can bring our existing product pipeline to patients and to extend our platform to new areas by initiating co-development of tissue-based therapeutics and screening products.

what our customers say

Fluicell’s technology is the first of its kind to enable single-cell resolution bioprinting with precision, speed and reproducible accuracy, even in 3D, in a way that was not possible before.

Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, Director Knight Cancer Precision Biofabrication Hub

The BioPen System is one of the best single-cell treatment systems on the market. It is easy-to-use, and gives me beautiful, publication-ready movies.

Dr. Dani Cai, National Institute of Health

The BioPen system provides us with unique data; with it, you are able to see how cell processes are trapped.

Prof. Megan Rizzo, University of Maryland Medical Center

The BioPen product is well designed and works even better than we could have hoped. The team is very reliable with customer support. I would highly recommend purchasing this product.

Dr. Veronica Jove, Rockefeller University

The Dynaflow Resolve system is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange.

Dr. Timm Danker, NMI TT



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