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Fluicell’s ambition is to push the bounds of science for the benefit of human health. Our state-of-the-art microfluidic platforms make it possible to control liquids, measure drug effects and study biology on the level of individual cells.

Our single-cell research tools BioPen, Biozone 6 and Dynaflow Resolve adds advanced capabilities across localized drug delivery, single-cell analysis, electrophysiology, mechanobiology and single-cell pharmacology to Fluicell's Nexocyte platform.

Single-cell microfluidics features

Target single cells

Study biological processes and drug effects directly on an individual cell level.

High reproducibility

Precise microfluidic flow control ensures high reproduicibility and high data quality.

Any cell, any environment

Study any kind of cell in their native environment and measure the activity of any ion channel.

Low compound usage

Fluicell's microfluidic tools very small sample volumes, making them the ideal choice scarce and valuable samples.

Fast analysis

Fast solution switching and multi-compound capacity makes it possible to measure fast kinetics and study complex biological processes.

Contamination free

Fluicell's microfluidic technology creates precisely definedflow zones without cross talk or contamination.

A scientist looking into a microscope and simultaneusly adjusting a flow device with the outlet submerged in a cell dish that is positioned on the microscope stage.


BioPen is a powerful tool for high precision cell biology that uses Fluicell’s unique open volume microfluidics to make it possible to deliver solutions to individual cells directly in their native environment.

With BioPen, you can expose individual cells to up to four different solutions in one single experiment and follow biological processes in real time. BioPen is used by researchers around the world to study everything from single-cell signaling and drug delivery to mechanobiology and neurobiology.

Biozone 6®

Biozone 6 is Fluicell's solution for direct single-cell pharmacology that lets users generate dose-response curves or study the effects of multiple drug compounds in an intuitive way, directly on individual cells.

With Biozone 6, you can simultaneously study up to six different compounds or concentration levels on single-cell level, without taking the cells out oftheir native environment. Biozone 6 is built to meet the high demands for robustness and data quality within pharmaceutical research.

Dynaflow® Resolve

Dynaflow Resolve is a high precision ion channel screening platform that elevates your patch clamp setup into a multi-channel drug screening powerhouse. With Dynaflow Resolve, you can test any ion channel in any patch clamp configuration using any type of drug compound.

The unique open volume fluidic design enables solution exchange across 16 individual flow channels, offering excellent speed, control and flexibility. Enhance your patch clamp setup with a powerful and reliable solution exchange platform that has become the system of choice among pharmaceutical companies across the world.

what our customers say

Fluicell’s technology is the first of its kind to enable single-cell resolution bioprinting with precision, speed and reproducible accuracy, even in 3D, in a way that was not possible before.

Dr. Luiz Bertassoni, Director Knight Cancer Precision Biofabrication Hub

The BioPen System is one of the best single-cell treatment systems on the market. It is easy-to-use, and gives me beautiful, publication-ready movies.

Dr. Dani Cai, National Institute of Health

The BioPen system provides us with unique data; with it, you are able to see how cell processes are trapped.

Prof. Megan Rizzo, University of Maryland Medical Center

The BioPen product is well designed and works even better than we could have hoped. The team is very reliable with customer support. I would highly recommend purchasing this product.

Dr. Veronica Jove, Rockefeller University

The Dynaflow Resolve system is a very reliable and efficient tool for automated compound application with excellent performance in fast solution exchange.

Dr. Timm Danker, NMI TT



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