Fluicell initiates in vivo studies in tissue-based type 1 diabetes treatment program

We are excited to announce that we have now initiated in vivo studies in our program for tissue-based treatments of type 1 diabetes. The initial trials aim to investigate the tolerability of the biomaterials used in our implants. The studies are also expected to provide answers to whether the safety level in our manufacturing processes is sufficiently high. We expect to be able to announce the results of the study in early 2024.


"I am proud to announce that we have now initiated in vivo studies in our tissue-based therapy program for type 1 diabetes. Thanks to the development successes we have had in 2023, we can take this step earlier than initially communicated, which demonstrates the power of our R&D team and our platform Nexocyte. Fluicell's vision is to defeat type 1 diabetes and give the millions of patients living with the disease an opportunity to have a life without constant need for injections and blood glucose measurements. We have now achieved another important milestone in our tissue therapeutic development and look forward to further progress towards our goal of creating innovative treatments for serious disease."

Carolina Trkulja, CEO Fluicell

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