Fluicell reports positive in vivo results

Today we announce that we have received positive results from the in vivo study that we started in December 2023 in our type 1 diabetes (T1D) tissue therapeutics program. The goal of the study was to determine the tolerability for the biomaterials and implant constructs that we use together our bioprinted insulin and glucagon secreting islets to create T1D tissue therapeutics.

Additionally, one of our aims was to ensure a sufficient level of quality in the manufacturing process that we have developed in our Nexocyte platform. The results confirm the high standard of the Nexocyte platform and enable us to continue our T1D tissue therapeutic development using the materials and implant designs tested in the study.

Fluicell’s CEO Carolina Trkulja comments on the study results:

"We are very pleased to have received positive results from our initial in vivo studies in Fluicell's tissue-based type 1 diabetes treatment program. The results form a strong foundation for further development of our implantable tissues, and we look forward to taking the program to the next level. The fact that the study was conducted without any remarks is a clear quality marker for the processes we have developed as part of the Nexocyte platform and takes us one more step towards our long-term goal of closing the loop on type 1 diabetes.”

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