INTEC launches

INTEC, our research collaboration together with Cytocypher is now live. Earlier this week, the INTEC consortium meet in Gothenburg together with our pharma development partner for the official lauch of the INTEC project. It was great getting the whole team together and we are excited to start builing the next generation of cardiac screening technology. The goal of INTEC is to combine Fluicell's single-cell microfluidics, Cytopher's advanced cardiac analysis technology and AI-driven image analysis to create the next generation of cardic screening patforms. Make sure to check follow INTEC on the project webpage:

Gavin Jeffries, CTO of Fluicell and INTEC project coordinator comments:

"With INTEC, we are creating completely new opportunities in cardiac screening, an area with a great need for new accurate research models. Through the combination of Fluicell's and Cytocypher's technologies, we establish a unique capacity to generate predictive data early in the drug development process, which can contribute to significant efficiency increases and cost savings in the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that we can involve a large pharmaceutical company in the development right from the start I see as an incredible strength for the project, which means that we can directly adapt our solutions to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry."

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