Fluicell recieves Eurostars grant

We are happy to announce that we have been received a 5 MSEK grant through Eurostarts for the project An Integrated Platform for Cardiac Toxicology and Efficacy (INTEC). INTEC is a collaboration between Fluicell and the Dutch company Cytocytpher and is aimed at developing a research platform that creates new ways to study cardiac toxicity by combining Fluicell’s microfluidic technology with high throughput cardiac contractile systems for single-cell analysis.

Fluicell's CEO Carolina Trkulja comments:

We are very proud to receive this important and highly competitive grant. Through INTEC, we have an excellent opportunity to create powerful screening solutions for cardiovascular diseases and cardiac safety that meet the pharmaceutical industry's need for predictive human tissue models with high translational value. We look forward to taking another step in the important work of creating the market's leading technologies for cardiactoxicity studies.

Fluicell's goal with INTEC is to develop a platform that uses advanced cardiac cell analysis tools and localized drug delivery together with automated image analysis and AI algorithms to enable increased in vitro research data quality and better understanding of cardiac function. Through INTEC, we want to create better and more predictive ways to determine cardiac toxicity in a way that can increase drug development efficiency and lead to new and more effective therapies.

INTEC will run over a persiod of 24 months and is set to commence in May 2024. Make sure to follow us for to not miss any project updates.

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